Monday, November 12, 2012

10 People I would Love to Dress

1. Kelly Eden
Kelly Eden is, without a doubt, the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen in my entire life (minus all of my gorgeous, amazing friends, of course). Naturally, to dress her would be the ultimate dream come true, and to see her in one of my designs would definitely be the goal of my entire career in fashion.

2. Snow White
No doubt about it, of all the Disney princesses, she's the one with the worst trademark dress. It's even worse in the retouched pictures, where the colors are over-saturated, so the yellow looks bright, bright, bright, and the red looks redder than red. If I could, I would design Ms White a brand new dress, one that doesn't flatten her chest as much. Perhaps a knee-length number in a dark gray, to contrast against her pale skin and the delicate blush of her cheeks. Or a white dress, to highlight her bountiful innocence.

3. My mother of my ex-friend's ex-boyfriend's child.

Alright, so I obviously can't include a picture with this one, because I would be violating this girl's privacy, but I stumbled upon her Facebook page the other day when I was doing some stalking because, well, I was bored. What I found, shocked me. This girl was freaking gorgeous. I mean, absolutely a knock out. She's one of those girls who doesn't wear makeup, and dresses up like a goth to impress all the boys who aren't scared away by that sort of thing. I was a goth chica for about a two and a half years (8th grade, 9th grade, and part of 10th) so I feel as though  I can relate to that sort of thing. What I would love to do is design an outfit for this beautiful woman, and have her put it on and realize that she can be beautiful and a badass at the same time. I'm not saying I want to change her, because we all have our own lifestyles, I just want to be the person who designs that one, single, only dress in her closet, the one she puts on sometimes in secret because it makes her feel like the million bucks that she's worth.

4. Lady Gaga
Alright, I feel almost as though this one is a given. I mean, what fashion designer (aspiring or otherwise) wouldn't want to work with Gaga? You would have almost complete creative freedom! Not to mention, even if you don't agree with her life choices or like her music, you can't deny that Gaga's message of loving each other and accepting each other is a beautiful one. AND, she's a beautiful woman. 

5. Laura Marling
Laura Marling has inspired me so much with her music, I can't even tell you. I feel like designing an outfit for her would be my way of giving back. I'm imagining some sort of free flowing, black chiffon gown, draped in a Grecian fashion, but not one shoulder. I hate one shoulder gowns. I mean seriously.  

6. My best friend, Leah.

Leah is absolutely the world to me, and she means more to me than all of the flowers in the springtime. I know that she and I have very different aesthetics, but I feel as though I could really make her something she would like, because I know her that well. She certainly knows me well enough to pick out the perfect things from her closet for me to wear. Someday, when I am a rich fashion designer, I will repay her by making an exclusive Leah line, different from all of the other clothes that I design, in that my target audience is exclusively her.

7. Mondo Guerra
Damn, it's hard as hell to find good pictures of this man! Mondo was always my favorite to win Project Runway, and I feel like winning AllStars was the closest that will ever come to righting the great wrong that occurred when Gretchen won over him. Don't even get me started on how pissed I was. Seriously. 
Mondo is a very adventurous dresser, and I think that I might have even mentioned something in an earlier post about having him as one of my fashion icons. I don't know. Maybe. I don't remember.
Well, he is someone that I look up to greatly in the world of fashion, both for his designs and his personal style. I would love nothing more than to dive into the world of men's fashion and make him and outfit someday. Hit me up in a few years, Bro. 

8. Ivy Higa
While I despise her personality and all of the clothes she designs, I can't deny that she's a snappy dresser, and I would love to design something for her to wear. Not to mention, I love her face. This is a normal expression for her: determined and driven. I would love to see her carry off one of my designs. 

9. Luna Lovegood

I'm really a fan of pale skinned light blondes, and Miss Lovegood here is no exception. Not to mention, she and I have very similar personalities, except I have never been blessed with the opportunity to actively search for a crumple horned Snorkack. Still, I feel as though I could design her the perfect little number to go with those lovely radish earrings. I would make sure to sew in some sort of protective charm against nargles, too.

10. Florence Welch
And last, but never least, Florence Welch. Despite the fact that I'm a sucker for any redhead, she is adventurous and daring in her fashion choices. I love her music, and I would kill for the chance to make clothes for her.

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