Sunday, October 7, 2012

Feeling lucky, punk?

I'm so excited that hardcore punk is in season this year! I was a little goth girl for my first two years of high school, and she was awakened in my soul again when I saw all of the leather jackets with spikes!
 This is kind of more of a hipster version, and that's kind of how I'm rocking my punk look. My camera is out of commission at the moment, but I'll add a personal style post the next time I'm able to.
 All I want in the world is a pair of combat boots. I just love them so much. I could live a pair of combat boots. As it is, I have a pair of them with heels, but I've practically worn them to pieces.
 Ripped tights. I bloody love ripped tights. Especially with girly, aline skirts.
 Not a believable shoe, but still, I would totally wear it.
 Octopus faux gauges. Me want. Although, I know people who can make a pair of these out of fimo clay just as easily as I could buy a pair.
 I actually own a pair of these tights. After hunting various websites and finding them for 34 dollars and up, I bought a cheap knockoff on Ebay for 9 dollars. Ebay has a lot of various sellers that are only there to sell overflow stock for cheap. Some of them are Korean and Vietnamese manufacturers who make knockoffs of expensive brands, and so their stock is discounted from a price that is cheaper already. I've bought everything from Modcloth to Anthropologie. If you're looking to score a cheap look that still looks chic, that's the first place I would go.
 High fashion alternative girl. Mesh is also really in as a layering piece, just make sure you wear a warm coat! Brr!
And last but not least, Litas. Gotta love the Litas. I wish I lived in a world where I didn't have a budget and wasn't saving jointly for a car and school in New York and I could just spend my entire pizza making salary on fashion. Someday right?

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  1. I was into the punk/alternative style in high school too!! I still am somewhat but more toned down. Also, it was way different back then.. YIKES my 10 year is comin up LOL
    LOVE the laced up pumps, I love laced up detailing :D love the new blog btw :)