Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Geek Love

I'm proud to say that I have an inner geek. Although, I must say, I don't really hide it that well. I'm always going off on some tangent about my love of Sherlock, or the assets of both Matt Smith and David Tennant, when it comes to Doctor Who. Speaking of British tv, the new season of Sherlock is being written right now! Filming is set to begin in January!!!
 Fashionably geek.
 I love this picture so much. It's so bad ass.
 Can be found at I actually asked for this for my birthday, but didn't get it. :( (You can't really tell in this picture, but the pink parts of the bag are glittery).
 My friends and I have this really dorky obsession with Disney princesses. This picture made me happy to no  end. Look how hot my girl looks! Although, I would honestly wear any of the outfits in either of these two pictures.

AHHHH....Sherlock! Gotta love Sherlock!

Hipster Sherlock. :)

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  1. I never got into Dr Who (I've just never gotten around to seeing any) but my hubs and I love Torchwood, have you seen that?? I've never seen Sherlock but I'm waiting for the first season to become available the library xD
    LOVE the R2D2 shoes the best!! I want some!